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Grants Received
  • Reid, G. and his Lawson Health Research Institute team.
    2012 Grand Challenges Explorations winners, an initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to study the impact of probiotic yoghurt mixed with a nutrient-rich plant called Moringa on the health outcomes of pregnant women and their children through the Mwanza Tanzania yoghurt kitchen. For more details, check out the full article.
  • Reid, G., S. Hekmat, J-A. Hammond, K. Anukam.
    2007-2008. Novel probiotic yoghurt supplemented with micronutrients for patients with HIV/AIDS and other immune deficiences and malnutrition. AFMnet Grant: $146,500.
  • Luginaah, I., G. Reid, S. Smeltzer.
    2007-2009. Probiotic Yoghurt for Health and Nutrition in East Africa: Women Helping Women. Funding - World Bank: $154,728
    Development Marketplace project announcement and summary
Partnering with Africa for health and sustainable development through probiotics.
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