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Western Heads East Communication Guidelines
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The Western Heads East Project at Western University has provided the following Media & Publications Statement and logo for use in any:

  • Media communications
  • Official Western Heads East partner communications
  • Fundraising publications

The Western Heads East identity should be used in materials that present a clear and memorable impression of our program and Western University. Western Heads East reserves the right to grant or deny 'permission for use' for all communications materials using our logo and/or materials. Any Western Heads East materials containing Western logos and/or brand materials must adhere to the Graphic Standard Guidelines as outlined by the Department of Communications & Public Affairs.

Our Logo

Western Heads East Logo The Western Heads East logo should not be altered or edited in any manner. It should be displayed in a physical size and/or resolution where it remains clearly legible and identifiable as the Western Heads East logo.

Our logo must be used in combination with the Western Tower logo and wordmark available from the Department of Communications & Public Affairs Graphic Standard Guidelines website.

Download as:
JPEG [242 KB]
PNG [593 KB]

If you need our logo in any other format, please contact us and let us know.

Media & Publications Statement

The following statement may be used by media or project partners to properly describe the Western Heads East Program and its project partner relationships.

Originally initiated within the Housing Department at Western University, Western Heads East (WHE) is Western's response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. WHE is a not-for-profit, charitable organization with a vision to support the establishment of probiotic yoghurt micro-operations through the empowerment of women throughout Africa. The program, within Western International, is an innovative and multidisciplinary initiative that engages students in applying pioneering research with a nutrition focus to help build immune response and improve the health of people living with AIDS and of the general population.

The mission of WHE is to engage staff, students, faculty and the broader community in teaching, research and service targeting the African HIV/AIDS crisis. The program raises awareness and funds to support the exchange of learning experiences, while making a sustainable difference to communities in Africa. WHE works in collaboration with African partners in national research institutes, local hospitals, universities, municipal governments, women's groups and other NGOs to build capacity, ensure quality control and expand the humanitarian community-based enterprise to more communities.

Our local partners are Western University, Lawson Health Research Institute, and Brescia University College. Special recognition goes to Western's Residence Department for initiating this innovative program and continuing to fund operations. Of course, the program would not be possible without the ongoing support of the Western and London communities.

The Western Heads East Media & Publications statement is also available in PDF.


For further assistance with these guidelines, please contact the Project Director of Western Heads East, Bob Gough, by phone at (519) 661-2111 ext. 86935 or by using our contact us form.

Partnering with Africa for health and sustainable development through probiotics.
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